Adult Programs

Photo: smiling people with arms around shouldersPrevention Works provides alcohol, substance use and gambling awareness, prevention education and intervention programs for individuals of all ages, school faculty, parents, those affected by chemical dependency and/or compulsive gambling, local organizations and the community-at-large. Evidence-based prevention programs are available for students in elementary, middle, high school and college.

To schedule any of these services, contact Laurie Reynolds, Associate Director/Director of Program Services, at (716) 664-3608 ext. 236 (fax 664-3661) or email or

Active Parenting—First Five Years (Birth–5 years)  Learn More
Build a strong foundation for your children. Here is what you will learn in this program: what a baby’s cry means, ages and stages of development, building a strong bond, your child’s growing brain, using mindfulness to keep your cool, effective discipline young children can understand, choices and consequences, ways to prepare your child for school success and much more.

Active Parenting—4th Edition (5–12 years)  Learn More
Stop scolding and start smiling with your kids! This program will teach parents effective ways to use non-violent discipline that really works, open up lines of communication, teach responsibility, courage and other important character traits, encourage school success in seven steps, prevent future problems with drugs, alcohol and sex, defuse power struggles with your children, stimulate independence as your child grows older.

Active Parenting—The Teen Years (13+ years)  Learn More
Active Parenting—The Teen Years is a program that will give parents confidence and courage to meet the today’s challenges of their children’s teen years. Parents will learn about teens and technology (the Internet, social networking sites, etc.), the latest in teen drug use prevention (including prescription drugs), teen bullying: how to spot it, how to handle it; special step-family considerations; how brain development affects teen behavior and decision- making; improved discipline and communication; and updated teen sexuality issues.

Changes: New York Impaired Driver Program  Learn More
The New York State Impaired Driver Program is an educational and rehabilitative program designed for motorists who have been convicted of alcohol and other drug-related driving offenses. This program is voluntary, although a judge may convict and impose a conditional/rehabilitative model consisting of a minimum of sixteen hours of classroom activity. This 16-hour course focuses on alcohol education, decision-making and traffic safety, with the goal of fostering behavior changes which will result in reduction of repeated drinking and driving. Participants are also screened for substance abuse problems and referred for evaluation and treatment, if necessary.

Intervention Services
Prevention Works offers confidential intervention services for adults.

• Adult Children of Alcoholics/Other Drugs
• Basic Alcohol and Other Drug Information and Referrals
• Family/Friends Substance Use Disorder
• Parenting Education on Youth Substance Use (Signs and Symptoms)
• Life Skills Education (Goal Setting, Decision Making, Communication Skills, Social Skills, Refusal Skills and Coping Skills)

Speaker’s Bureau
Provides community and civic organizations with an agency overview of Prevention Works and alcohol and other drug information overviews. Sample topics include: Marijuana Facts, Cocaine Facts, Club Drugs, Prevention Overview, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Alcohol & the Adolescent Brain, Prescription Drugs, Heroin, Gambling, and more. Speaker’s Bureau visits are generally planned for one half hour. Rate: no charge.