Awareness Theatre

“It’s a great place to help each other and get through life. Learn, act, teach and help change the world.”
— Awareness Theatre Instructor

Photo: smiling students posing in a lineFor youth ages 12 and up.

To learn more about Awareness Theatre in the North County, call CASAC at (716) 664-3608 or e-mail Marjorie Bohn, Dunkirk Awareness Theatre Instructor, at

For more information about Awareness Theatre in the South County, call CASAC at (716) 664-3608 or email Sheridan Smith, Jamestown Awareness Theatre Instructor, at

CASAC also provides short-term confidential information, education, early intervention, screening and, if necessary, referral to treatment as components of our Prevention Education program.

Eligibility requirements for CASAC’s Prevention Education programs include:

  • Individuals requesting information or education on alcohol and other drug problems (for themselves or others);
  • Individuals who have been evaluated at a treatment program and are found not to need treatment, but rather education; and
  • Initial screening for possible alcohol or other drug problems when referred by another agency, self- referral, courts, workplace, or school.