Gambling: Workplace Warning Signs

  • Does the employee spend excessive time away from work station?
  • Does the employee take unusual amounts of sick time especially half days?
  • Photo: worried manDoes the employee routinely arrive late, leave early, take long lunch breaks or experience difficulties reporting and/or remaining at work station?
  • Does the employee talk or worry about money problems, or experience more difficulties, resulting in requests for cash advances or loans?
  • Does the employee always seem to be the person who starts the office sports pool?
  • Does the employee encourage co-workers to bet in office pools and/or bet money?
  • Does the employee try to organize an office excursion to a casino or a racetrack?
  • Does the employee have a history of writing bad checks?
  • Does the employee have more than one mailing address?
  • Does the employee’s use of company money seem suspicious or inappropriate?
  • Does the employee always check the radio or TV for scores and updates on games?
  • Does the employee use vacation days as isolated days rather than in blocks?
  • Does the employee read newspapers and sports literature at work?
  • Does the employee spend a lot of time on the company phone or pay phone at work?

Help and Hope

If you suspect a problem, let the gambler know that recovery is possible, especially with the help of an experienced counselor. The gambler can regain control of his life. Relationships can heal. Financial pressures can be reduced and self-esteem restored.