Impaired Driver Program (IDP)

Photo: cars on city street at nightThe New York State Impaired Driver Program is an educational and rehabilitative program designed for motorists who have been convicted of alcohol and other drug-related driving offenses. This program is voluntary, although a judge may convict and impose a conditional/rehabilitative model consisting of a minimum of sixteen hours of classroom activity. This seven week course (16 hours) focuses on alcohol education, decision making and traffic safety, with the goal of fostering behavior changes which will result in reduction of repeated drinking and driving. Participants are also screened for substance abuse problems and referred for evaluation and treatment, if necessary.

Impaired Driver Program Class Schedule

Classes are held at the following locations. There are seven sessions for each class which are held once per week for seven weeks. All sessions start promptly at 6:30pm. The first, second and last session will end at 8:30pm. The other sessions will end at 9:00pm.

Fredonia Classes

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The LoGuidice Educational Center
9520 Fredonia-Stockton Rd.
Fredonia, NY 14063
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Ashville Classes

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The Hewes Educational Center
2615 N. Maple Ave.
Ashville, NY 14710
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Program Details

For further information, contact Impaired Driver Program Director Kathleen J. Stornes at or call (716) 664-3608 ext. 230.

Eligibility to participate in the program is determined by the Department of Motor Vehicles. If a motorist chooses not to participate, they will not eligible again for the program or a conditional license for the next five years. Upon completion of the program, rehabilitation and treatment (if indicated) and any other restrictions as determined by DMV, full driving privileges may be returned. Most drivers who attend the IDP classes are granted limited driving privileges through a Conditional License until their full licenses are restored.

The current cost of the program is $234.00 which includes the educational component, workbooks and other materials. Payment is due prior to the beginning of the first class and must be in the form of a money order or certified check.

All participants must register for the Impaired Driver Program through the Department of Motor Vehicles located at:

Department of Motor Vehicles
512 West Third Street
Jamestown, NY 14701