Underage Drinking Action

What can parents or guardians do?

  • Understand that underage drinking is a tradition, one which is illegal and must be stopped.
  • Understand that it is a “rite of passage”; a passage to a devastating quality of life, brain damage and death.
  • Understand that drinking alcohol under the age of 21 is prohibited by law, with extremely limited exceptions.
  • See to it your kids don’t drink—you have the power.
  • Do not tolerate unsupervised parties.
  • In the event of a supervised party, ensure it is responsibly supervised with alcohol effectively prohibited.
  • See to it that your kids realize that drinking is not a choice for them and that they understand why it is prohibited.
  • Always know where your kids are.
  • Prevent your kids from attending a function, activity or facility where alcohol may be available to them.
  • Know the typical behaviors of those with whom your kids hang out.
  • Consider the powerful influence of your own behavior on your kids.

What can the community do?

  • Support your police.
  • If underage drinking may be in progress, call 9-1-1.
  • Anyone aware of a planned party should call the NYS Underage Drinking Hotline (you can remain anonymous): 1-866-UNDER 21 (1-866-863-3721).
  • Develop and encourage supervised teen activities.

Tell politicians that it's time to Get Serious about alcohol policies that save kids' lives.

Send this letter to:

  • Your Governor
  • Your State Legislative Representatives

I'm concerned about underage drinking. The time has come to get serious about this issue and adopt policies that protect our children.

I support common-sense, research-based measures that will help reduce underage drinking, including:

  • Increasing alcohol prices through taxes, particularly on beer;
  • Limiting alcohol advertising and marketing targeted at young people;
  • Implementing a national media campaign that counters alcohol industry messages and uses social marketing to affect attitudes and behavior;
  • Adopting and enforcing laws to prevent alcohol-related deaths and injuries among young people;
  • Promoting alcohol free events for kids;
  • Expanding counseling and support for kids, especially those with addicted parents.

These and other measures are recommended by The Institute of Medicine.

I strongly urge you to make these policies a priority at the state and local level. Thank you.

Signed by:
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