Underage Drinking Facts

What are our kids doing?

  • They are drinking in record numbers.
  • The average age they begin is only 12 years old.
  • 70% of youth drinking are binging (5 or more drinks).
  • 91% of parents of binging kids don’t suspect.
  • Some middle schoolers drink and then engage in group sex.

What is alcohol doing to our kids?

  • Alcohol is killing six times as many of our kids as are all other drugs combined.
  • Of all 10-24 year old deaths, 73.6% are alcohol related.
  • 90% of all college campus rapes are alcohol related.
  • 95% of all campus violence is alcohol related.
  • 85% of all college students surveyed report having established their drinking patterns before entering college.
  • Significantly reducing school performance.
  • Disrupting family cohesion.
  • Generating disruptive, dangerous and unlawful behaviors.

Is alcohol damaging kids’ brains?

  • Kids brains tend to react to alcohol with addiction, while adult brains tend not to: 96% of all alcoholics began underage, and virtually all drug addicts began with underage drinking.
  • Regular alcohol use is permanently damaging kids brains, causing cognitive impairments.
  • Alcohol used by kids obstructs part of the functional development of the frontal lobe of their brains.
  • Binging is more likely to cause death by over-dosing a kid’s brain than an adult’s brain.


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