Prevention Plus Wellness (SPORT)

Prevention Plus Wellness (SPORT) is a brief, multiple behavior program integrating substance abuse prevention and fitness promotion to help adolescents minimize and avoid substance use while increasing physical activity and other health-promoting habits. It is based on the Behavior-Image Model, which asserts that social and self-images are key motivators for the development of healthy behavior. The intervention promotes the benefits of an active lifestyle with positive images of youth as active and fit, and emphasizes that substance use is counterproductive in achieving positive image and behavior goals. SPORT involves a short, health behavior screen survey measuring physical activity and sport behaviors and norms, healthy nutrition, sleep, and alcohol use. Individual participants then receive a 10- to 12-minute personally tailored consultation, along with a key facts handout while groups receive a presentation to suit the screen survey responses. A simple fitness prescription goal plan is completed by participants to motivate positive behavior and image change. In addition, parent/caregiver communication cards addressing key content are provided during the consultation and then sent or mailed home to adolescents for 3 to 5 consecutive weeks.